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The team at Exquisite Events has over 25 years experience organizing events large and small, and is happy to pass along some wedding planning tips. Here are some answers to common questions ("FAQs") we have heard over the years:

  • What exactly does a Wedding Planner do?
    A Wedding Planner works with an engaged couple to create their ideal wedding day. There are so many details involved in a wedding, the Wedding Planner helps the couple sort through all the decisions large and small.The planner's experience and enthusiasm will be leveraged to provide insight, tips, and a very energized extra set of hands to help the day come off smoothly.
  • What should I look for in a Wedding Planner?
    First of all, it's important that a Wedding Planner understand what you want to create on your wedding day. That involves understanding the couple's style, the size of the wedding and the budget. You'll also want to look for flexibility, creativity, and integrity. Unfortunately, there are plenty of companies happy to profit off of engaged couples. Lastly, experience and enthusiasm are priceless: someone how understands how to pull off this size of event, and can't wait to do it time and time again!
  • How much time do I need to plan a wedding?
    There are countless "experts" who insist a beautiful wedding needs a long time to be planned. We believe in no such thing. Every wedding is beautiful: as long as the couple is flexible and willing to be creative, Exquisite Events will work with them to create a day as special as they are.
  • What is the difference between a Wedding Planner and a Day-Of Coordinator?
    A Wedding Planner guides all aspects of planning for the wedding. Selection of vendors, keeping an eye on due dates and deadlines, and watching details large and small. Since every wedding is different, what a Wedding Planner will actually be in charge of will vary from couple to couple. Some companies offer "Day-Of" services for couples that are looking for support on the actual wedding day. Exquisite Events does not take that approach, since proper planning is really what makes a day flow smoothly. Give us a call and we can explain how our flexible services can help make your day as special as it should be.

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When faced with wedding plans, many couples feel overwhelmed. At Exquisite Events, our passion is creating a day that is a reflection of your personality, with a pinch of your dreams of the future. Let us help you have the day of a lifetime.

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